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Dr. Candace Cromer Frick is a 1998 and 1999 graduate of the University of South Carolina where she received her BS in Pharmacy and PharmD respectively. She is currently the pharmacist-in-charge at her family’s pharmacy, Lorex Drugs in Newberry, SC. She lives on Lake Murray with her husband Chad, son Zach, and daughter Zoe. 

Candace loves doing community service with her daughter, especially through Zoe’s platform APS (America’s Powerful Soldiers). She also loves giving back to Prisma Health Children’s hospital with toys and other donations.

In 2007, Candace started itching while pregnant with her daughter Zoe. After months of being told multiple reasons why she was itching, she began doing research on her own to find out what was wrong. She was convinced that she had ICP and asked her doctor to test her.  The results came back positive for ICP and she was then moved to High-Risk status where a plan of action was started to deliver Zoe early. Her story could have been much different if her doctor would not have listened to her concerns.  

Candace is excited to join Judds Legacy to help Allison and Brandon save more babies like Zoe. 

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