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Judd's Legacy all began while waiting on Judd's arrival in the hospital.  Judd's grandmother, Barbara, and his two aunts, Ashley and Lindsay, were behind the scenes researching every inch of this dreaded condition that took their sweet Judd.  Since that day in the hospital, Barbara, Ashley, and Lindsay have been very involved in helping Judd leave his legacy.  They have spent countless hours and many late nights researching and reaching out to contacts.  Ashley and Lindsay have shared Brandon and Allison's story and Judd's Legacy's mission through several speaking engagements.  Barbara has made laboratory contacts on many different levels, as well as contacted several elected officials looking for support.  Barbara and Allison even made a trip to the State House, determined to find the best avenue towards reaching our goals.  Judd would be so proud of his family working together to honor him.

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