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Holly Easterby is honored to join the board for "Judd's Legacy".  Through her personal experience with Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy, she is passionate to let every woman who is expecting or who is dreaming of a healthy, future pregnancy to know and understand the symptoms and implications of ICP.

Holly met Allison and Brandon Gardner though her husband, Ryan, who was a college baseball teammate of Brandon's.  Meeting at a baseball reunion, Holly and Allison quickly became friends.  Holly and Ryan will never forget the tragic news that Allison was experiencing complications with her pregnancy.  They both began praying and researching ICP, a condition neither had heard of previously, and quickly realized the potential impact to Allison and her unborn child.  It was heartbreaking when they heard that Allison and Brandon had lost their son, Judd.  

Holly did not realize how this experience and research would impact her own life and family.  Several years later, while pregnant with her second child, Holly noticed some itching on her feet one night.  Quietly dismissing the thought that it could be ICP, she initially brushed it off but brought it up at her next doctor's appointment.  The doctor ran tests immediately and it was confirmed to be ICP; she was immediately referred to a maternal fetal medicine specialist.  Holly leaned on Allison immensely during her pregnancy and welcomed a healthy baby girl into the world at 36 weeks and 1 day.  In a beautiful coincident, her daughter and Judd, had the exact same due date.  


Holly Easterby is a wife and mother of two, a son and a daughter.  Graduating Cum Laude from East Tennessee State University, Holly has a Bachelor's Degree with a major in Early Childhood Development and a minor in Marketing.  Prior to staying home with her children, Holly spent over 10 years in sales and marketing. 

Holly can contribute her healthy delivery to the awareness she gained by her personal experience with Allison, knowing what to be aware of with her own body, and how to advocate for her health and that of her unborn child. Holly's personal experience and thankfulness has transformed into a passion to educate and support others.  To her, it is an opportunity to formally honor and remember those lost or impacted by ICP, to educate as many women and healthcare professionals as possible, and to advocate to all women to understand changes that can affect their health and the health of their unborn child.  

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