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Brittni Miller

Brittni Miller is elated to join the Judd's Legacy board and is excited to bring education and awareness to others about ICP.  

Brittni and Allison are childhood friends that had the joy of experiencing pregnancy together.  Being pregnant at the same time and scheduled to be induced on October 31, 2018, they had plans for their children to be best friends, following in their footsteps .  Brittni remembers the many conversations that she and Allison had during the time leading up to induction.  Many good conversations but one day the questions became serious. "Do you itch?", "Is your pee dark?" were two questions that she vividly remembers Allison asking.  A few weeks later Brittni received the phone call that Allison was in the hospital experiencing complications with Judd.


After witnessing her best friend go through such a tragic loss, Brittni promised herself, and Allison, that she would be by her side and help in any way.  Over the past 3 years, Brittni has remained on the side lines, comforting Allison and Brandon as they continued their journey to bring light to ICP by sharing their story and saving lives.  When asked to be a member of the Judd's Legacy board, Brittni committed without hesitation. 


Brittni Miller is a wife and mother of a 3-year old daughter.  Graduating Cume Laude from the University of South Carolina Aiken, Brittni has a Bachelor's Degree with a major in Communications.  In her spare time, Brittni directs and plans weddings.


To Brittni, it is an honor to be a part of Judd's Legacy and pressing forward remembering Judd while educating as many women and health care professionals as possible.  As a female and a mother, Brittni understands that we must advocate for ourselves, unborn children and our loved ones.  

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