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For the past 20 years, Brooke has followed her heart’s desire to help others.  Most notably she and her husband, Brad, have directed the gathering and distribution of thousands of Christmas gifts to underprivileged children through the Secret Santa program at their church. In the early years, Brooke served in several board positions for the Union County Junior Charity League, helping to raise and distribute funds as college scholarships, to the pregnancy center, and to other local community agencies.  She also currently manages volunteer and fundraising events for her employer.

Brooke became friends with Allison and Brandon within the first year after they moved into the Valentines’ neighborhood and both realized they were attending the same church.  Brad and Brooke wondered who the new faces were!  Their friendship continued to grow, and she was heartbroken for Allison and Brandon when they lost Judd.  Inspired by her own desire to help others and by Allison’s motivation, Brooke wanted to support the mission of Judd’s Legacy by bringing awareness to ICP for soon-to-be moms and their doctors so that other families could possibly avoid the same outcome.

Brooke has a Master’s degree in Accountancy and is the Accounting Manager for SmileMakers Inc.  She and her husband have two children, Abbie and Carson, who are also active participants in supporting Judd’s Legacy.

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